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2017 Manifesto

We’ve had 20 years of the Conservatives: the same party making the same mistakes and letting local people down. It’s about time for a real change.

Dear friend,

It’s not every day that an election comes along for Hampshire County Council that really makes a difference to the direction that the County Council takes. But this is one such election.

In May, you have the opportunity to shape the future of our community and make it better. We have had 20 years of the Conservatives running things. They’ve never learned from their mistakes. Rural Bus routes have been axed. Vital Children’s Centres have been shut. They have given local people little, and have taken so much.

It is time for real change. It is time for a better way of running our Council.

It makes me angry that after 20 years of a Conservative-run Council, Lymington and Boldre’s local economy is still under-developed. It makes me angry that after 20 years, local bus routes for rural communities like ours are disappearing faster than ever. It makes me angry that a young mother is expected to travel up to 30 miles to access a postnatal course because the Children’s Centre 5 minutes away has been shut.

My parents brought me up to believe that things can change. I was brought up to believe that you should never stop fighting for the things that really matter. My message to you is clear.

Don’t settle for more of the same. You deserve so much more from your Council. Think about the community you want your children and grandchildren to grow up in, and use your vote in May to make it a reality.

The only party that can challenge the Conservatives for control of Hampshire County Council is the Liberal Democrats. Electing a Liberal Democrat in Lymington and Boldre will go a long way towards changing the direction of our County Council. It means the start of real change in our County Council.

Best wishes,

Jack Davies



A strong local economy

A strong local economy


A fair chance

A connected community

A connected community