A strong local economy

A strong local economy
That puts money back into our community


• I will encourage Hampshire County Council to start up a 1% Community Growth Fund. All Start-Up Enterprises would be encouraged to invest 1% of their annual profits in their local community. As well as requiring no additional funding by Hampshire County Council, this would instil future Start-Ups with a degree of civic philanthropy and help to develop the local economy in rural areas – especially Lymington and Boldre.

• I will help to facilitate mentoring and internship opportunities for recent graduates from nearby universities. This would help prevent the brain drain and keep talented individuals in the community who can then use their experience to invest in our local economy.

• I will lobby Hampshire County Council to invest in local infrastructure. Companies increasingly move for people and so we must ensure our community is an attractive one for entrepreneurs. By investing in infrastructure, we will make our community competitive again.

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