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Bus Shelter Installed at Peacocks

by jackdavies on 27 July, 2017

Many of my usual followers will be pleased to see the new bus shelter outside Peacocks. I’m very proud of it.

It is a much-needed amenity and is very useful for those who need both shelter from the rain and somewhere to sit when waiting for a bus. It will also, in a few months, be fitted with an electronic display meaning that there will be updates in real-time.

There have been some concerns that the bus shelter is small. The Town Council addressed this in the meeting when we approved the expenditure. It would be nice to have a bigger bus shelter but it was a fight even to get the shelter we have!

I hope that the bus shelter at Peacocks will help those who need it and I am sure that it will. As well as helping get the bus shelter at Peacocks, I have also ensured that the bus shelters in Pennington are scheduled for cleaning this summer.

Hopefully, they will be done soon.

All the best,

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