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Conservatives continue to short change our care

by jackdavies on 8 March, 2017

Today the Conservative Chancellor made many believe that he was giving social care a much-needed boost but don’t be deceived.

Instead, there will still be a huge £2billion black hole in social care funding next year alone.

Local health campaigner Jack Davies said, “This will mean more elderly people going without the care they need, more pressure on our hospitals and more vulnerable people left without the support they need.”

The Liberal Democrats had raised concerns, campaigning to get more money to tackle the NHS crisis. And to ease the burden by putting more into Social Care for older people. Liberal Democrats campaigned for £4billion so we could start seeing a more positive future for our NHS.

Jack added “If you oppose the Conservative budget, where the national income spent on the NHS is still set to fall – back the Lib Dem this May. The only party here in Lymington and Boldre committed to a long-term solution to the social care crisis are the Lib Dems.”

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