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Disgrace: Conservative county cuts put Hampshire Hospitals under pressure

by jackdavies on 3 March, 2017

Cuts drive 60% increase in ‘bed days’ lost as elderly people can’t get care at home and in the community: operations cancelledn.


Across November and December, the total number of ‘bed days’ lost in local hospitals due to Conservative cuts in Hampshire’s care for elderly people reached nearly 10,000 – an increase of 60% over 2015. That means operations cancelled, and misery for Hampshire residents in need of NHS help.

Beds were ‘blocked’ because Conservative cuts meant that there wasn’t enough support to allow some elderly people who were ready to leave hospital to go home.

Local campaigner Jack Davies commented:

“Conservative MPs voted for these cuts. Conservative County Councillors voted for these cuts. Local people are suffering as a direct result.”

This increase in lost days follows directly from the £43m cut in the County Council’s social care budgets. This, in turn, follows directly from the £98m cut to Hampshire’s budget backed by Conservative MPs in Parliament.

Despite sharply increased fees and work by council officers to find other savings, council bosses admit cuts have reduced the amount of care being offered. 

There’s more to come, with more cuts and further fee increases planned for pensioners and careers, including a £237/year price increase for meals on wheels and a 16% increase in the weekly charge for nursing homes. 

Jack commented:

“The Conservatives are doing nothing while people suffer. Lib Dems in Parliament and at Hampshire County Council have been calling for action to tackle this crisis. In Parliament, Lib Dem Norman Lamb MP has put forward clear proposals to tackle the issue, but Conservative MPs and Ministers are failing to act.”

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