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Priestlands School set to lose £467 per pupil by 2020

by jackdavies on 6 March, 2017

Local Liberal Democrat Cllr Jack Davies is fighting against school funding cuts in Lymington and Boldre.

Recent figures from Teachers Unions show that Priestlands School in Lymington will lose an estimated £546,951 in real terms by 2020.

This amounts to a loss of £467 a year for each child. That is the equivalent of 15 teachers being cut from Priestlands School.

As a result of the Government’s cuts, schools across the country are having to consider drastic cost-cutting proposals, including increasing class sizes, reducing staff numbers and even introducing a four-day week.

Cllr Jack Davies said:

“On top of cuts to funding, costs are also rising faster than their income. This means that even current levels of funding are not enough.

“That is why Lib Dems in Lymington and Boldre are calling on the Government to reverse cuts to school funding.”

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