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We can’t just go back to how things were before the pandemic with constant cuts to local services and tax rises with a focus on the transactional relationship between public services and taxation. There has got to be a new vision for the future which seeks to break the rut we have been in for the past decade. The County Council elections coming up in May give us a great opportunity to do just that for Hampshire.

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How can we solve our bin collection day problem?

by jackdavies on 22 June, 2019

Bin collection day for me is every Friday. For the past few months, I’ve experienced the same problem every week: Black bins torn open and the waste inside them being spread across the street. I used to think it was just my little part of Efford Way that had this problem. However, I keep getting […]

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Government waste strategy doesn’t go far enough

by jackdavies on 31 December, 2018

Earlier this month, the Government published a consultation on Waste Strategy, which has been criticised for its lack of ambition. The strategy aims to: – Introduce a tax on single use plastic with less than 30% recycled content. – Consider banning plastic packaging where there are alternatives. – Legislate to allow government to specify a […]

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According to Hampshire County Council’s own figures, fly-tipping cost the County Council over £650,000 in 2014/15. So what have the Conservatives done to solve this problem? The answer is nothing. In fact, you could argue they’ve contributed to it. The County Council admits that “the majority of fly-tipped waste” is linked to “commercial and industrial […]

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Campaign launched to protect Efford HWRC

by jackdavies on 23 December, 2015

Chair-elect of New Forest Liberal Democrats, Jack Davies, has launched a petition  designed to ensure a public consultation by Conservative-run Hampshire County Council does not lead to either the closure, or a reduction in service, of Efford HWRC. With the HWRC already operating at lower hours than other centres across the New Forest, Jack is […]

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