Milford Road Development

by jackdavies on 5 September, 2020

Have you had the booklet through from the developer who wants to build up to 110 homes at land south of Milford Road in Pennington? I have a meeting about this site on Monday evening at NFDC. If you have questions about the development, please get in touch and I will try to get some […]

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Christmas is a time to rest for most people – not least public servants. However, I’m not really one to take too long a break and so I’ve been busy over the festive period. I was sending emails to officers at NFDC on Christmas Eve to discuss flood defences (the heavy rain made this an […]

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Thank You

by jackdavies on 17 December, 2019

It’s been a fast-paced few weeks since the General Election was called. I have campaigned all across New Forest West – from Ringwood and Fordingbridge down to Lymington, New Milton and the villages in between – and listened to local people about the local issues which really matter to them. You wouldn’t have heard the […]

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#ItsTime for a Better Connected New Forest

by jackdavies on 4 July, 2019

As I became more involved in campaigns that spanned multiple towns and villages in the New Forest, I became ever more aware of how difficult it is for those people who do not have a car – the young, the elderly, the disabled, to get from one place to another in the New Forest.

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How can we solve our bin collection day problem?

by jackdavies on 22 June, 2019

Bin collection day for me is every Friday. For the past few months, I’ve experienced the same problem every week: Black bins torn open and the waste inside them being spread across the street. I used to think it was just my little part of Efford Way that had this problem. However, I keep getting […]

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Town Council backs Pride

by jackdavies on 12 June, 2019

Early on into the meeting, I moved to suspend a standing order so that I could move a motion declaring the council’s support for Pride Month and the LGBT+ community in Lymington and Pennington. Following the Town Clerk checking the standing orders, a vote was held and the particular standing order was suspended.

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Cabinet Meeting Brief but Fiery

by jackdavies on 5 June, 2019

While we all want to serve the New Forest to the best of our ability, we all have different opinions and those should be shared. I attended my first cabinet meeting at New Forest District Council this morning along with the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Councillor David Harrison. There were three items on […]

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International Women’s Day – 8th March

by jackdavies on 8 March, 2019

Friday 8th March marks the annual celebration of International Women’s Day. The theme for 2019 is ‘Balance for Better’. The theme encourages all to help build a gender balanced world. There is still a lot more to be achieved. From grassroots activism to worldwide action, we are entering an exciting period of history where the […]

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Conservative Cuts crippling local public transport

by jackdavies on 16 February, 2019

The funding gap for the concessionary bus fare scheme in England, which provides free off-peak bus travel for older and disabled people, has grown to an estimated £652 million, new analysis for the Local Government Association reveals. Councils are warning that, unless Government addresses this widening gap in the Spending Review, vulnerable residents could be […]

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Government waste strategy doesn’t go far enough

by jackdavies on 31 December, 2018

Earlier this month, the Government published a consultation on Waste Strategy, which has been criticised for its lack of ambition. The strategy aims to: – Introduce a tax on single use plastic with less than 30% recycled content. – Consider banning plastic packaging where there are alternatives. – Legislate to allow government to specify a […]

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