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5 Great Reasons to #BackJack for Real Change in May

by jackdavies on 17 March, 2017

With the people of Lymington, Pennington, Pilley, Boldre and South Baddesley voting in a new County Councillor on May 4th, here are 5 great reasons to back local Liberal Democrat, Jack Davies.

1. Household Waste Recycling Centres at risk

The Conservative County Council admitted in a strategy paper last year that “widespread site closures” would be one of the options looked at as part of the Conservative program of cuts planned for the next 4 years. The Conservatives have already started charging local residents to dump at Efford tip and have reduced opening hours – making it harder for local people to access the service. Jack is leading the opposition to these measures and will vote against any proposals that will lead to Efford tip closing. 

2. In Pennington, Family Support Services slashed

The Conservatives claim that “family support is being targeted” where it is most needed but All Seasons Children’s Centre in Pennington, where 25% of Children are in Relative Poverty, has been scrapped by the Conservatives. This has left young parents unable to access a Children’s Centre because the nearest one is now in Fawley. Jack campaigned against the closure, knowing the effect it would have on local families and young people. The decision was even called in by Lib Dem councillors but Conservative councillors rejected the opportunity for a rethink.

3. Bus Services not good enough.

Subsidies to Bus Operators have been cut drastically by the Conservatives during the last 4 years. The 119 service, in particular, has been stopped on a Saturday and on weekends and bank holidays. Only 5 services run during weekdays. A lack of effective public transport leads to over-congestion and excessive pollution. Jack has been a vocal proponent of a strong public transport network in the New Forest and will continue his campaign if elected as County Councillor for Lymington and Boldre. 

4. There is a Health and Social Care Crisis

There will be a £5.8billion funding gap for local authorities by 2020. A £2 billion injection into Social Care over the next 3 years is nothing more than a sticking plaster. There is a real danger that the money promised in the budget will simply go to coping with local authorities’ obligations regarding the new ‘national living wage’ or, even worse, into the pockets of the highest earners in the industry. Jack will hold Hampshire County’s council to account and ensure the money invested in Social Care is spent on improving front-line treatment, not on paying the wages of the wealthiest members of staff. 

5. Real Change is needed

Hampshire County Council is in need of Real Change. The Liberal Democrats are the major opposition to the Conservatives. A Liberal Democrat County Council will prioritise Family Support Services, rural transport routes and a sustainable County – ensuring the Council sticks to it’s obligations regarding the environment.

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